Hidalgo Youth Coin Club

The Hidalgo Youth Coin Club, under the guidance of retired Band Director Raul H. Gonzalez, was formed in February of 2010.  The young numismatists meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at the Lark Community Center in the Library. Beginner Collectors meet at 2:00pm - 3:30pm and the Advanced Collectors meet at 3:30pm - 5:00pm. The library's address is 2601 Lark Ave. - McAllen, Tx. 78504

The youth club is open to any student from ages 10 to 18. Our meetings consist of coin door prizes, an hour long educational lesson on numismatic subjects, a coin trading session and a coin search session to win more coins for the growing collection. There is a tremendous amount of learning and exchanges that make this club a fun one to be a part of.

We have also implemented the 'Coins for A's' program. The youth club members are encouraged to submit their school report cards after every six weeks and in return they receive a 'silver' dime for every grade that falls between 90 and 100. Earning these coins of precious metal value has served as a great incentive and is motivating them to raise their grades throughout the school year.

One of the most important exercises this group has attempted, was to judge all 56 Statehood and U.S. Territory Quarters. Read about the steps taken and the 4 quarters chosen as the winners as it appeared in 'The Monitor' and in the 'Texas Numismatic Assoc.' magazine. Click here for the Youth Club Article.

Got Silver Dimes? Got a Special Coin Presentation?

If you are a member of the adult coin club, please consider donating 90% silver dimes to Mr. Gonzalez for distribution in the 'Coins for A's' program. If you have done coin presentations before, please consider scheduling one for our youth club. We would love to have more guest speakers.

Want to join this club?
E-mail us at hidalgocoinclub@gmail.com

Hidalgo Coin club